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List of products by brand Plus-Plus

Plus-Plus® One shape –Endless possibilities

Plus-Plus is a privately owned Danish company with our head office in Holb?k near Copenhagen and our US office in Greenville, South Carolina.

?One shape – endless possibilities

Plus-Plus allow kids of all ages to create mosaics and 3D designs. Even curves are possible thanks to the unique design of this simple shape!

?Plus-Plus stimulates the imagination and creativity of children and appeals equally to boys and girls and provides hours of play. Durable fun lasting a childhood – that is the essence of Plus-Plus.

Made in Denmark

Plus-Plus is made at our own factory and head office in Holb?k near Copenhagen, Denmark. Since 2012 we have invested heavily at our factory to keep our production capacity staying ahead of our significant growth.

?Proven track record

Established in 2009 we now have distribution in more than 30 countries mainly in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. The design of Plus-Plus and the endless possibilities for play and creations have proven to have a universal appeal to children of all ages, boys and girls alike.

Plus-Plus fits well at retailers of many kinds as well as within the education sector having a diverse product range divided to perfectly fit both channels.

?Plus-Plus is a registered trademark. Design patent pending.

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