5% READY for future purchases ... Why do you shop at toys-shop, so you win!

How does my discount work and how does my electronic moneybox?

In every purchase from toys-shop.gr if you register a member and you do not select "Completing an order without an account" you will have 5% benefit for your next purchases.
If you buy 100 € you will have 5% of the value of € 5 for use in subsequent markets.

The 5 € remains in your electronic piggy bank to use them whenever you want in your next purchase.

In fact, you can always see the value you have in your piggy bank at the piggy piggy bank next to your shopping cart at the top right of our site.

* 5% benefit is for members only and of course it does not involve phone orders but only electronic ones.
** Excluding products that are already on offer.