In all of the following situations you should contact us wherever you record your request for product replacement or refund.

Once we receive your Form we will contact you by phone to inform you of the Return Procedure.

When the product reaches our warehouse it will be examined by specialists of our company. Within thirty days (30) days from the date we receive the product with all the above accompanying documents normally completed, in each case respectively, the following entitlements:

Healthy product
Withdrawal: Within twenty (20) calendar days of receipt of your order, you have the right to withdraw for any reason. Refund for purchase of the product other than transport costs for shipment to our warehouse.

Constructional defect
If you have requested a replacement, we will replace the product and ship it to you for free.
If you have requested a refund, we will refund your money.
In this case, we will refund the return (transport) cost of the product to our warehouses if you send us the relevant receipt at

Poor / Incorrect Usage
or return of the product at a courier charge based on the official Courier / Metro Pricelist
or demand a definitive destruction of the product

Wrong Execution Order
In this case we will contact you by phone to process your request.
or send the correct package and return the shipping costs to send the packet error to our warehouse.
or refund the money of your order.

Returns are not accepted in books, films, batteries and flying games.

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